Save the world of tomorrow!

A world without fossil fuels - this is our vision. We want to make renewable energy from wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants and photovoltaic systems accessable where and when they are needed - not only when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

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We offer a wide variety of tasks and an exciting day-to-day work that gives you the opportunity to develop your full potential. We build our success with economic thinking, attention to detail and well-founded knowledge of technology and market development. To stay an innovative leader in the engery transition we are constantly looking for personell reinforcement in the following sectors:

Research and Development

We are not waiting to see what happens in the future - we are building the future! With our technology we contribute actively to the energy transition. Our employees in research and development work daily on perfecting these systems. We are looking for visionaries - like us - who can help us to achieve a world without fossil fuels.

Production and Product Management

We want to develop future-oriented concepts for the series production of Sunfire products. Throughout the entire manufacturing process there are many interfaces in the production and product management sector. With high quality standards and optimal communication we reduce the production time and achieve the ideal result: satisfied customers.

Purchasing and Administration

We are constantly looking for reliable suppliers with the highest quality. We work with local suppliers and obtain our resources preferable from our region. Together with the IT, accounting and administration department we keep track of everything and ensure that our Sunfire products are manufactured at the best price.

Sales and Marketing

We are not only offering a product but also a key technology for the energy transition. With our systems we achieve something that no other achieved up to now - and everyone should know that. Together we work on concepts for the sale and marketing of our Sunfire solutions and realize them successfully.

Feelgood Manager

Our office dog "Nero" puts a smile on everyone's face


Teamwork without borders - we have locations in Dresden, Neubrandenburg & Monthey.

6 x
Global Cleantech 100

We are one of the 100 leading companies for sustainable innovations worldwide


We are passionate about innovative solutions and our technology! At all levels we combine our expertise, skills and motivation to contribute to the energy transition. Flat hirarchies, open communication and an effective interaction between our employees are remarkable for our way of working. The engagement of every single employee is the foundation of our growing international success. We are always looking for open and competent team players who want to change the world with us. Become a part of our highly qualified team full of energy!

Experienced professionals

Support us with your expertise and help us to realize pioneering innovations. We are looking for team players with experience who want to help us shape the future. We don't see problems, only challenges. We want to respond to complex questions with extensive knowledge. This is why we are looking forward to meet specialists from various fields.


You have big goals for the start of your career? We offer an exciting and varied environment working on a technology of the future. With us you have the opportunity to develop new ideas and to fulfill your potential. We are a young company that can help you on your way. Connections and interdisciplinary work give you space for your personal development.


You are young, motivated and you want to shape the future? With us you can find the perfect position to realize your passion. We help you to put your theoretical knowledge to practice and get an insight into the working life. Wether in an internship, as a student trainee or within the scope of a thesis, we enable you to use and expand your knowledge.


We owe our growing success to our passionate employees. We want you to enjoy working with us and to plan on staying with us in the long-term. For an optimal work-life-balance we offer many benefits.

30 vacation days

Take time to unwind and to gather new energy with our generous and flexible vacation regulations. We can also talk about short or longer sabbaticals.

Flexible working hours

A healthy work-life balance is key to a good performance in a responsible position. To achieve this we offer our employees flexible working hours.

Energy transition

The tasks in our team will always be diverse and challenging. The work with a key technology to combat climate change gives you the opportunity to contribute actively to the energy transition.

Energy boost

For a good start to the day we offer free coffee, soft drinks and water.

Work bike

Under some conditions we offer our employees to lease a bike for work. This is eco-friendly, saves space and keeps you fit at the same time - the mobility of the future!

Sports at work

Sport is a perfect compensation after work - you can take part in our running group or take time to relax and come to our weekly yoga session.

Provide for your future

We offer our employees a grant to the occupational provision of up to 20% to ensure your financial security in the future.

Corporate culture

Become a part of out innovative corporate culture with flat hirarchies and short communication paths.

Attractive environment

We offer a modern workplace and an office with enough space to get creative and relax.

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This is what our employees and applicants say about us:

A relaxed conversation
The interview was held online. Even the internet connection was lag during the talk, and noises happened some time, the conversation was smooth and comfortable! During the interview, I learned more details about the job position I am applying for. In the question section, I was a bit nervous at the beginning. But the interviewer helped me relax within seconds. Overall, it was a comfortable interview, a valuable oppotinity regardless of the final results.
Applicant feedback from March 27, 2021
Rundum zufrieden
Ich habe mich sofort wohl gefühlt, im Gespräch direktes Feedback erhalten. Meine Fragen wurden bereits im Vorfeld beantwortet, alles in allem ein sehr angenehmes Gespräch
Applicant feedback from March 25, 2021
Highly appreciated first impression
Deep insight into company, role and markets being provided
Applicant feedback from March 24, 2021
Bewerbung Sunfire GmbH
Rundum ein gelungener Bewerpungsprozess
Applicant feedback from March 19, 2021
Ruhiges, angenehmes Vorstellungsgespräch
-sehr ruhige Art bzw. sehr ruhiger Ablauf des Gesprächs -super auf Fragen eingegangen bzw. wurden alle vorab schon beantwortet -sehr angenehme Gesprächspartner -Dinge wurden auch bei "Nichtwissen" erläutert, was sehr positiv rüber kam
Applicant feedback from March 18, 2021
Atmosphäre war sehr freundlich und gleichzeitlich ehrlich
Seitens Sunfire haben sich 4 Interviewer eine ganze Stunde für das gegenseitige Kennenlernen Zeit genommen. Das fand ich sehr gut, da es gezeigt hat, dass ein ehrliches Interesse am Bewerber besteht. Die Atmosphäre war sehr freundlich und gleichzeitlich ehrlich. Das Gespräch ist mir in positiver Erinnerung geblieben.
Applicant feedback from February 24, 2021
online-Bewerbungsgespräch via MSTeams
Den unkomplizierte und flexible Ablauf empfand ich als sehr angenehm, besonders weil aufgrund der Corona-Lage die nächsten Monate schwer vorausplanbar sind. Das hat mir den Eindruck vermittelt, dass auch sunfire großes Interesse an meiner Bewerbung hat. Ich fand es allerdings sehr schade, dass (aufgrundtechnischer Probleme) die Kameras der Gesprächspartner nicht dauerhaft eingeschaltet waren. Möglicherweise ließe sich für Bewerbungsgespräche ein Raum mit zuverlässiger technischer Ausstattung finden?
Applicant feedback from February 18, 2021
Angenehmes Jobinterview
Die Interviewer waren sehr freundlich, die Atmosphäre locker und ungezwungen. Die Interviewer wirkten gut vorbereitet und ehrlich interessiert. Sie stellten gezielte Fragen und konnten Fragen zum Unternehmen souverän beantworten. Sehr gut fand ich, am Ende des Gesprächs ein direktes, kurzes Feedback zu erhalten. Ein kleines Verbesserungspotential sehe ich noch in der Einladung zum Jobinterview: Hier hätte mir zur mentalen und informativen Vorbereitung geholfen zu wissen, wieviele und welche Personen am Interview teilnehmen werden.
Applicant feedback from February 12, 2021
A very pleasant experience
I think this was a very friendly but professional interview at the same time.
Applicant feedback from February 4, 2021
Sehr lockere Atmosphäre
Positiv: -sehr lockere Atmosphäre -Manager nehmen sich viel Zeit für das Gespräch -man hat die Möglichkeit viele Fragen zu stellen Negativ: -wenig Information bezüglich des Unternehmens und der Stelle
Applicant feedback from February 3, 2021
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